Sunday, 31 March 2013

Quickly, Quietly goes the Quail

I'm sure Q is not the most difficult letter in the alphabet to theme a painting around, but it doesn't make for much choice.  Quilt, quill, quail.  I'm sure there's more but a quick glance through the google search for 'nouns starting with Q' didn't leave me too excited.

Quail it is.  Another google image search for a Quail, some mustard coloured pastel paper that ties in nicely with some of the feathers, random pastel pencils and pastel chalks and down to work. 

And here is the colourful little guy.  That was fun!  I haven't used my pastels for a long time and had forgotten how quick (and messy) they can be. I'm slightly tempted to pack a few in my bag to take on my European Vacation.  I'm imagining Tuscany scenes and buildings done with pastels. Nine days to go. Hope I can fit everything in my port.

Au revoir!


  1. May I quip that unquestionably your quality pictorial quarry of a quizzical quail quavering in a queue on quaking quicksand could earn you a quantity of quick quids.

    1. My heart quickens & quivers at this quest, you quintessential Queen of quips.