Thursday, 7 March 2013



I've had a busy week. Had a lovely visit from my Sister, my Niece and my Grand Nephew. Wow don't I sound old - Grand Nephew.  Boy, wasn't he a cutie!  Happy, contented and gorgeous to boot. Took some lovely photos. My family all groan when I bring out the camera, but seriously, there would be no record of family get togethers and special moments if I wasn't so snap happy. So I let them groan all they like and just snap away. I don't end up with many photos of me though, so I asked H to take a photo of me and my Grand Nephew.

So, what about my onions?  Well, I cheated this week. My studio doubles as a guest room and it was occupied for 5 nights and even though I bought some red onions to paint, they are still sitting in the vegetable drawer.

So I present my onions, painted in watercolour some years earlier. 

A portrait I did of a family friend last year has found a new home as of today.  His wife has bought the painting for his birthday. I called it 'Guitar Man' and painted it from a photo I took at a party at our place. I hope he likes it when he opens it on his birthday.

I have my studio back. Back to A to Z.

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