Friday, 11 January 2013

Tea Cup

This week my letter is 'I' but I've been working on something else. 'I' is still to come.

I have been collecting old crockery for quite a few years and have some Carltonware, Johnson Bros, Meakin and other bits and pieces.  It all started from my Mother's Shelley tea set which I fell in love with at a young age.  She received it for her 16th birthday, 63 years ago.  My Mother passed it on to me quite a few years ago as she knew I loved it and would look after and cherish it.

I am considering doing a series of paintings based around a  cup of tea so was looking for a teacup and saucer.  Originally I wanted a red one or something modern, but due to lack of enthusiasm for shopping and a great lack of shops anyway in my area, I settled on a teacup from the Shelley set.  The pattern is called 'Blue Spray'.

I seem to have developed a 'thing' about gold leaf and find it creeping into my  paintings of late.  I'm not sure about the orange background but have decided to leave it as is.


  1. Hi Leanne - thanks for putting me on your blog list.

    1. You're very welcome Carol. Love your Memory Wall by the way

  2. I love the gleam of the china that you've managed to capture.