Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A to Z minus J

So, what letter am I up to this week? Mmmm must be 'L'....but wait....what happened to J !!!

Poor forgotten J, I just skipped right on past it.  It must have been hiding in the corner at the party, quiet and shy, not standing up for itself, just a wallflower.  Trying not to be noticed, not wanting to be noticed, not wanting all the eyes of the party on J.  Invisible.  
Yeah, I can relate to that.

So why don't we talk about Jealousy for J.  Read Margaret Olley's biography and see if you don't feel a bit of jealousy for the life she has led.  

Her life, to me, is everything I imagined a 'real artist' would lead.  That bohemian lifestyle, parties, painting trips, overseas travel, close friendships with artists that would all become well known, and painting. Painting was the core of her life and she did it with passion.

I have passion too.  But mine is spread between my family and all that it involves as well as art.  At different times one takes a more prominent role than the other so it is a constant give and take.  While reading Olley's book I would yearn for a life like hers, then I would think of my family and realise that I could never forsake that experience for art.

I will never be a Margaret Olley and while her life sounded so exciting, I'm happy with mine. She has inspired me though. She has inspired me to paint. To just get in that studio and paint. She has also given me the green light to paint what I love - still lives. 

What artist/s inspire you and why?

If you want to read her biography - Margaret Olley 'Far from a still life' by Meg Stewart.

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