Sunday, 9 December 2012

It's all in the Detail

Procrastination has had it's fingers tightly around my neck this week. I seem to leave things to the last minute.........nothing's changed since High School really.

I belong to a wonderful Art group which meets every Friday so if I haven't done my "letter" painting by then I try and do it in our class, which is what I had planned for the Friday just gone. But.......we have such a lovely time chatting and laughing that my painting took a back seat.

So here is my poor pathetic contribution for D - Detail. Started out a nice delicate drawing, hit it unenthusiastically with watercolour then tried to rescue it with watercolour pencil which turned out to be just coloured pencils so hit it a bit more with watercolour and decided that this week D was for Disaster :) 

I hope next week starts with Enthusiasm!!


  1. I love this line...'Procrastination has had it's fingers tightly around my neck this week'... and know the feeling!

  2. I love hearing about the Friday art group. Your D painting is a lot better than what most people could have done!