Saturday, 15 December 2012

Exploring E

Eggs were going through my mind for this weeks letter.  Beautiful oval evenly coloured eggs. I have seen some impressive egg paintings. Usually quiet restrained paintings, very monochromatic,  so I was leaning towards my own version. Plus I always have plenty on hand to paint.

But this week I had a couple of art friends over for a painting morning and just wanted to play and not do anything too serious as I can't concentrate on serious painting and serious chatting and laughing at the same time.

I had rescued some junk mail earlier which had some old pictures of maps as a background and squirrelled it away for an appropriate time.  Now seemed appropriate. So I started ripping and glueing some of the map, some words, some gold paper etc etc on to an old canvas that I had painted over in black gesso.

I added a touch of paint here and there then wondered how I could tie it in to my week's letter. Maps - Exploration!!  I googled an image of a compass and painted it over the top of the bits and pieces and there I had it. 

I love the way ideas are just popping up without too much thought. It's turning out to be a fun exercise and I may only be producing quick paintings but I am painting. And I have never done much collage/mixed media work but love the randomness of it. on to F

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  1. Wow! It certainly seems that this whole project of yours is really working its magic and inspiring you to paint. I found your description of the process of creating this painting really interesting.